At SXHIRE we are able to offer full CCTV systems and Wifi systems with complete payment options avaliable. We work with our business partners and suppliers to offer the best in market products and solutions and give you the best system for the right cost. A full site survey will be required for an accurate quote. 


Our Wifi systems Hotspots provides your customers with hassle-free internet access via a custom portal tailored to your business. Our intuitive control panel gives you full control over what your customers see when they log on, from banners and promotions right down to your choice of background photo. The system has been designed with both simplicity and effectiveness in mind. The customer-facing portal can be quickly and easily modied with just a few clicks, with any changes implemented immediately


In addition to providing the free and convenient WiFi that many customers expect, you can turn this into a huge benefit for your own marketing by seamlessly gathering the contact details of your customers and visitors. 


  • Capture customer details for your marketing.
  • Unlimited data capture & usage – no extra fees or limits.
  • Easy access to WiFi for customers and visitors.
  • Reduce burden on staff with requests for ‘WiFi codes’.
  • Ensure visitors accept your terms for using your WiFi.
  • Prevent excessive usage with device restrictions.
  • Keep the customer experience on brand.
  • Increase security with network firewalls and device isolation.

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Fully tailored and Installed Systems to give you peace of mind 24/7.

Our Hikivsion system solutions are installed to the highest industry standards and comply with the appropriate British Standards, and system design is developed in close consultation with our Customer, who has an influence input taking into account the security and management requirement of their company.  Our design team working closely with the Hikvision UK team design systems that enhance your business management performance with our integrated business intelligent solutions.



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