Our range of washing equipment is manufactured in the UK and is of premium quality. They are all double skinned which ensures quieter wash levels and reduced heat loss. Perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes we have a variety of models to suit each venue. 

What we offer

  • British Made Products, all our glass and dishwasher are made in britian to the best possible standards. 
  • Free Installs and delivey for all under the counter machines
  • High qulaity Service, our higly tranied staff are always on hand to help out with any service issues


Undercounter dishwashers are increasingly seen as an essential appliance for any establishment serving food and drink. Undercounter dishwasher have the key benefit of being small enough to fit under most standard height counters, yet still have the ability to clean high volumes of wares on a commercial level. Used in café’s, pubs, bars, small restaurants and offices around the country, undercounter dishwashers are the perfect solution for easy to use, reliable, and consistent quality wash results.

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Our compact, front-loading glasswashers are available in three sizes, holding up to 25 pint-sized glasses per rack. In addition, clever software constantly monitors water usage, temperature, chemical levels and wash cycles giving valuable data used to improve operational efficiencies.

If your business needs a better way to keep its glassware clean, a commercial glasswasher is a must! In addition to our wholesale products, we also offer used commercial glasswasher options, as well as rentals and a glass washer repair service.

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All of our detergents are manufactured in the UK specifically for use in SH Hire products. They have been developed to improve machine life span and to keep glass and dish ware in perfect condition.

Get in touch for a list of Chemical Products that we have available. 

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